Trends In Hardwood Flooring


In the 30's, 40's and 50's, the Federal Housing Administration mandated hardwood floors to be installed in homes - every house had them and no one was the wiser! However, in the 60's the world began to explore new flooring options. The agency changed its rules and homes all over the country were laying down carpet, linoleum and tile.

Some of the best room designs begin with the choice of floor, and the trend pendulum today has swung back towards hardwoods. The durability, ease of cleaning and timeless beauty of hardwood floors is causing people to rip up their carpets to find out what's underneath. A hardwood floor can really anchor a room design. Many homeowners draw inspiration from the intricacies and variety of colors of hardwoods and use a unique style throughout a room. Compiled below are five of the top trends we see today that will help you showcase your investment!

Take Wood Into New Rooms

A study by the National Association of Homebuilders showed that wood flooring in kitchens has grown from 9 percent in 1999 to 21 percent in 2002. Increasingly, people are installing hardwoods in once forbidden rooms like the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. Because they are easy to clean, feel great and provide a warm, inviting look, hardwood floors are now in every room of the home.

Source: "Wood becomes flooring of choice," 27 December 2003, Chicago Tribune

get new old floors

Whether you are building a brand new home or installing new hardwood floors, it is not too late to get an antique, rustic look. Manufacturers now sell distressed or “hand scraped” new hardwood floors. Much like distressed clothing, distressed floors undergo a process during manufacturing to give them an aged look. These floors are typically sanded or abraded by a machine to give them a worn, aged look. Hand scraped floors, as the name implies, are meant to be scraped by hand to give them a rustic charm. For those more interested in an old feel, but an undamaged look, wood type, such as pine, may be the answer, or choosing a non-standard wood cut (wide planks for example). Finally, for those with both the inclination and the means, reclaimed flooring is a great way to bring antique character to a home. Reclaimed floors are floors that have been taken from buildings being gutted or demolished. These floors, like antique furniture, have a history and typically cost more than new options.iture, have a history and typically cost more than new options.

be exotic

There are hundreds of options today for hardwood flooring – including different colors, styles and woods. Even grasses (bamboo) are a popular choice today for its availability and versatility. Imported, exotic woods are now relatively easy to find, but do expect to pay a premium. Some options include Brazilian Cherry, Afromosia, Camaru and Ipe.


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